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In the ecstasy of Ganja, the spark of the Eternal in man turns in light the murkiness of matter or illusion and the self is lost in the central soul fire. Sadhu

The Wandering Mystic

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3 High Guys

Most of these photos are taken at the great Kumbh Mela festival held every 12 years in India.

The sadhus come down from their separate lives on mountain and forest retreats to the confluence of the Ganges and Yamuna Rivers.


A very young sadhu with his guru (L)

Smoking the chillum. A ritual pipe used for smoking ganja and hashish.


Ash from the fire symbolizes the cycle of creation and destruction.

A medicine bubba (L) lighting the chillum for a friend. His guru had taught him the ways of herbs, their collection, preservation, treatments and dosage.

Watching the parade.

The first carriage in the parade to the Ganges River. The people represent the ancient god/king tradition. The girl in the back would be a queen or princess for the day.

A very old man with very long hair. (about 10 ft. long)


In the parade.

Sitaram and Datagiriji

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