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Bincha Eisenstein - Bincha Eisenstein (soon to be Reinstein)
This File: Binamain.htm - Gallery Type: PhotoStrip

Main photostrip launcher file: Binapsm.htm

This is the main file for the PhotoStrip type of gallery. Clicking on a button or link in this page will launch a "remote control" window, containing a photostrip. Vertical and horizontal versions are provided. You can leave both options in place, or link to just one type. You can easily cut and paste the links (and the required JavaScript fragment) into another page.

PhotoStrip files: Binapsv.htm and Binapsh.htm

These are the actual PhotoStrips. Each contains a number of linked thumbnails. Each thumbnail image has a name like Binatn01.jpg. Clicking a thumbnail will load the large photo into the main browser window (inside an HTML page). Clicking the home icon will dismiss the strip and reload the original page.

Frameset file: Binapgf.htm

This is an alternative frames version which does not use Javascript. You can link to this directly if you like. It is linked from Binapsm.htm. It places Binapgm.htm in the left frame, with an initial target frame of Binapgi.htm (on the right).

Additional Files

Additional files for this gallery type include wrapper HTML files, used for the photostrip and frames targets. There is a wrapper for each image in the gallery. These will be named something like: Binaimgname.htm. Each thumbnail image in the strip has a name like: Binatn01.jpg. The photo strips also use three GIF files: Bina[home|bgv|bgh].gif. These are used for the home icon and background images.

Linking PhotoStrips

View the source of the main file (Binapsm.htm) for examples of how to add PhotoStrip links to your existing Web pages. For more hints on creative PhotoStrip usage, see